Letting steps

Step 1: Property registration
Firstly, the property is visited in order to note features and details. Based on this information and in consultation with you conform the rules and regulations, we make a realistic and market-conform rental price estimation. We also make professional photos of the property and provide a detailed description.

Step 2: Promotion
The property is offered online on our website, and on various national and international real estate sites. Moreover, we use social media and offer the property within our real estate network. In this manner we reach a large amount of potential [prospective] tenants.

Step 3: Match
We actively search for a suitable tenant. Once we have found a prospective tenant, we discuss with you whether this candidate meets your requirements. We also inform the prospective tenant on the general terms and conditions with regard to renting the property. Do you agree? Then we arrange a viewing.

Step 4: Viewing
Prospective tenant interested in renting the property? A notification in writing needs to be obtained. The prospective tenant is required to deliver the requested documentation. These documents are carefully evaluated and checked on validity by our team.

Step 5: Introduce prospective tenant
We discuss the rental proposal and candidate profile with you. If you are satisfied with the proposal and candidate profile, then there is a verbal agreement.

If the proposal does not meet the requested terms and conditions; we make a new offer in consultation with you. We have an advisory role and mediate between both parties. We emphasise that the final decision is made by you as property owner. When we have a verbal agreement, we ask the prospective tenant to sign a Letter of Intent. If this agreement is signed, a rental contract is drafted.

Step 6: Rental agreement
The rental agreement is presented for approval to you. When approved, the agreement is sent to the prospective tenant. If the tenant approves, both parties sign the contract. After signing, an additional appointment will be made for the check-in.

Step 7: Check-in and check-out
The check-in takes solely place when the tenant has fulfilled the payment obligations. At check-in we make a detailed inspection report and photos are taken. With a furnished rental property we recommend to use an inventory overview. The property owner and tenant sign the inspection report and potential inventory overview. At check-out the inspection report, photos and potential inventory overview are used to check if the property is delivered in the original state. If the property is not delivered in original state, we give the tenant the opportunity to restore the property. When the tenant, regardless of the reason, does not meet our request, we will charge compulsory costs to the tenant. In case of damage, caused by the tenant, the deposit is pro-rata retained. When the property is correctly delivered, the tenant receives the total deposit made.

Step 8: Continuation
Once the lease is terminated, we start to search for new prospective tenants on your request.

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