Renting a property?

Want to rent a property? You would like the property to meet your expectations and to achieve maximum value of living. Renting a property from our property portfolio? You will be guaranteed with a high quality property. To rent a property at IdealEstate the following documents are required. Interested?

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No suitable offer?

IdealEstate finds your ideal property! Finding your ideal property starts with a specification of your property requirements. We take considerable time in order to specify your living requirements together. Based on your property requirements, we provide suitable property offers for you to visit.

If you have not been able to find an ideal property after the visits, we are pleased to make an additional appointment with you. IdealEstate challenges itself to find the ideal property for everyone. We will be satisfied once you found your ideal property.

If we are able to find you a suitable property, outside our own portfolio, we ask a fee for our services. This fee is equal to 1 month rent excl. VAT. Clear and transparent, so you know where you stand.

Looking for an ideal property together with us? Provide your property requirements and we start the search straightaway!

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